SomoBreathe Stress Management for Teens

The SomoBreathe Membership For Teens

helps teenagers manage stress, anxiety, and being overwhelmed by daily life.


Using an on-demand platform that they can access in the comfort and safety of their own phone.

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The breathing techniques have helped me a lot. They really relax me and help me get centered on the court!

- Ben P. (Age 19)

Since I have been using SomoBreathe I have been feeling super great, like totally renewed with my energy. I love the breath practices, the sound baths and the journaling. I love it all!

- Chloe E. (Age 24)

I really loved this bundle for anxiety relief! The guided breathing technique really stuck with me throughout the day and I was able to use it to feel calm, focused and grounded. I can’t wait for the next bundle!

- Kendal L. (Age 17)

I really liked it! This definitely helped me calm down and feel more grounded.

- Jolie F. (Age 19)